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5th January 2012

Dear Jane, 

So I am here again, ready to relate you what happened next. So, like I love read and I’m in love with books, I came in a library.

This book is so amazing, you should read it one day

This book is so amazing, you should read it one day

 I was holding my favourite book : Price and Prejudices when someone came closer. I could never forgive his first sentence « I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine ». I talked with Will during one hour and I knew that his friend came, him too, from Ireland, 10 years ago. He finally invited me at his party to celebrate New Year Eve. I said yes to his proposition but I confess I was afraid to be uncomfortable, to be prejudiced against and to be looked down by these people. Nevertheless, I was determinated to be proud of my origins and to take advantages of them even if I wasn’t sure to fit in their world. At this party, I’ve been surprised by how much people were welcoming with me. They asked me so much things about my culture like how do you celebrate New Year Eve in Ireland ? Or is it true that it always raining there ? I had so much fun and met so many adorable people like Dolores, Maxim, Tessa, Alana and David.

New Year Eve, Time Square

New Year Eve, Time Square

 It’s only after the party that I realized that I missed terribly my familly and all my siblings. I couldn’t even celebrate Christmas and New Year Eve with them. Do I miss them like they miss me ? Even if I know they were worried, sad and afraid after my departure, I hope that they are hopful and joyful for me. I am often homesick, especially when I am alone. I miss my room, my friends, I miss heard talk Gaelic. I feel the lack of going to pub with my friends, going to Greyhound or watch a match of Hurling with my cousins. And, as stupid as it looks, I miss the shamrock and the green color. 

Well, stop to be depressed and melancolich, I’ll go out tonight and I have to get ready for this. 

I know, it’ll be fun


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