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5th February 2014

Dear Jane, 

I arrived here 2 years ago and I couldn’t imagine how my life will be fantastic. I have all I dreamed for and most of people dreamed for too. I have a job, a house, a husband (do you remember when I talked about Will, my Mr.Darcy ?) I have all my life here. I fulfiled my dream to have a better life. I know, my life looks like heaven but it isn’t right. One of my closer friend, Josuan, has been sent back to Brazil. He can’t come back to USA for 10 years. When I saw that, I realized that the same thing could happen to me. I don’t want to come back to Ireland, it isn’t my house anymore. By the way, I asked to my parents to come live here with me. Nothing hold them back there ! I yearn they’ll agree. As for me, I applied for citizenship. If I had this citizenship, I will be less anxious and less afraid. I won’t be afraid anymore to be expelled to Ireland everytime I have to extend the validity of my visa. And what will happen if they don’t want to extend it ? I’ll come back to Ireland and what ? Will I have to work 50 hours per week to make a living ? I’ll have to give up my dream to be a lawyer. That’s why I made up one’s mind. My standard of living has significantly increased and I am proud of that, I worked hard to reach this. visa-passport

I don’t know if someone read this blog and I really don’t know if I want that blog will be read. But, if you read this, that’s mean you’ve read all the rest. If you asked yourself « But who is Jane ? », I have to tell you that it isn’t a person. Well , it isn’t a real person, it’s like an imaginary friend and my diary takes the form of letters to her. I didn’t only talk about my immigrant life, I just talked about my life, my feelings, about me. I hope my diary will be helpful for someone … 


Thanks for have read my bored life,

Wish you happiness


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