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23rd December 2011

          Dear Jane,

         I should admit it, I don’t know how start this. I’ve never been good to write but let’s go : new country, new life, new me ! I’ll tell you everything about my journey but first let me explain why I left my country… I am just 18 but I needed to leave as fast as I could. Why ? Because life is very hard hand complicated for young people like me in Ireland. There aren’t any jobs for us there and studies are so expensive : if you’re not rich, you can’t go to university. And, one day, in history class, I’ve heard talk about American Dream. Of course, nobody paid attention to this, except me. Few months later, I was decided to go to America no matter what happen. To goign there, I needed to have my visa, I didn’t want to be an undocumented immigrant ! My parents helped me a lot but I could see the fear and the anxiety in their eyes. I am sad to leave them alone but I needed to escape Ireland, and, in America, I have better prospects. Finally, after 30 days, I’ve received my Green Card which allowed me to work there. I could leave the country. 

I’ve finally left it on 21st December. It was the night and there was a lot of people on the ship with me. Most of them were on the deck but I prefered stay in my cabin.

That's my cabin, pretty good right ?

I hate the farewells. Sadely, on the boat, I was sea-sick. My temporary roommate was adorable with me. She took care of me during all the journey and gave me some medecines. I thought we will be able to be friends and perhaps she will help me in New York. For the first part, I was right but it wasn’t the case for the second one. Indeed, she was going to Chicago while I was going to New York. We arrived on Chesapeake yesterday, on 22nd December. The landscape wasn’t welcoming at all ! There were border patrols and fences everywhere. I was going to the counter when, suddenly, some policemen caught a half-blood man and took him away. Here is a warm welcome ! It was my turn, and after what happened to this man (who had probably the same age as me) I was worried. The inspector took my passport. Is Clarissa Arya Starling a strange name ? He looked me very strangely. But I was allowed to live here. I’ve found a motel and I have to stay here until I find a job.

Chesapeake's bridge

Chesapeake’s bridge

Nothing special happened today and I think it will be the same thing for other days so I’ll write you again in 2 or 3 weeks maybe .. 

I hope everything will be good 


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