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10th July 2012

Dear Jane, 

It’s been 6 months since I wrote you. So many things happened. First, I left my job as waitress. I had this job for 3 months but I couldn’t do this anymore. So, now, I am working as a bookseller in a very cute library. 

My place of work

My place of work

And, after 6 months here, I can say that New York is the most amazing city I’ve ever seen. It’s so much better than in Ireland. I came here to habing more money and a better future. And it’s what I have. I earned enough money to going to university. With my actual wage, I can study law at New York University. Oh and now, I am an active member of an association based on mutual assistance for immigrants. During the meetings, I could met a lot of documented immigrants but the rest were undocumented immigrands. Among many testimonies, one of them left its mark on me. Avanindra told us that he had to work off the books for live. He’s the scapegoat of all his workmates. They always blame him for everything wrong in the company. Even if he’s involved in the firm he has to put up with prejudices like « illegal immigrants have no skills and no education ». It made me think of the citizen’s point of view on immigrants. demonstration

Why some people are against us ? We don’t steal their jobs ! We aren’t potential criminals ! Furthermore, it’s not because some foreigners attacked the country that every immigrants will do it too ! I feel so sorry for arabic immigrants who have to face up to racist criticisms all day long. Fortunately for me, I’m caucasian so people don’t attack me just because they see me in the street. Moreover, I realized the luck I had to already speak english, I could fit in the society more easily than people who only speak spanish or chinese. I imagine that it must make the integration more difficult. 

Before I forgot, I have to save money to going to Ireland to see my family and all my friends. I hope I will be able to do that…. 

I hope I’ll can write you soon


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